Clear Skies for the Soaring Eagles

By Roy Cook

clip_image0012This is a fine night to hear Vickie Gambala announce the good news that the dance program will be funded by SCAIR through June for sure!
This February 25, 2009 Wednesday night at the Normal Heights Community Center is another occasion for warm and friendly feelings. It is also a fine night to sing good songs and lift the hearts of our Indian children. We participate in support to provide the songs for them to learn the techniques and attitudes of American Indian Dance.

Randy Edmonds, SCAIR Senior Advisor, opens the evening with more announcements about the Grossmont College Pow wow this weekend and a blessing for the potluck meal that all will enjoy. This is just the night for a good comfort food: spaghetti and meat sauce, tossed salad, macaroni casserole with sliced jalapenos, rolls and butter, coffee and punch. There is a birthday cake for Tiffany Workman and many variations of birthday song singing by everyone.


There are some new faces and familiar families this evening. Chuck Cadotte had some good words to go along with the dance instruction. We continue to line up and bring in the children several times with a grand entry format. Later appropriate songs are sung for our next public presentation at the Barrio Station. There are five or more specific dance categories: Grass dance, fancy shawl, jingle, southern traditional and intertribal songs.

All the San Diego Inter-Tribal singers: Terry Hinsly, Frank Gastelum, Leland Red Eagle, Ben Nance, Alex Gastelum, Kim Flying Eagle, Richard Decrane, Ernie Walton and Roy Cook thought it was a fine evening for singing songs our Indian children and volunteering for a project in Americans Finest City for the finest people in the world- Indian people.