SCAIR Soaring Eagles Spring Time 2009

By Roy Cook

Wednesday 6:30 pm at the Normal Heights Community room is the place to see hopes and dreams become real. A positive environment, non-political, with a total focus to see our Indian Children realize their pride of tribal identity, peer interaction and mentoring examples on a variety of levels and interests. Each evening there is educational activities, play opportunities (after all these are children) experienced instruction and traditional music to lift all attending hearts and the dancers feet in the participation of American Indian Dance.


There is a SCAIR, Southern California American Indian Resource Inc. hosted and voluntary potluck meal at the beginning of the evening with a blessing by an elder or designated spiritual person. Announcements or guest speakers also have an opportunity to bring to the parents and many volunteers participating to make this Soaring Eagles dance program fly.

clip_image004springThese last days of April are charged with anticipation of summer and the many cultural opportunities that await our San Diego American Indian community. Tonight we celebrated our respected elder, SCAIR Senior Advisor, Randy Edmonds birthday with cake and ice cream and a song appropriate for the occasion. Chuck Cadotte continues to refine and encourage each category of dance style and mentor each dancer to do their best.

Most of this month, we have been fortunate to enjoy the quality of two drums. The Soaring Eagle program has had over 10 singers each week willing to volunteer and be a part of this commitment to our Indian children.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy and participate in these SCAIR hosted free Soaring Eagle American Indian Dance classes.