Soaring Eagle Performances Spring 2009

By Roy Cook

The Soaring Eagles dance group is sponsored by: Southern California American Indian Resource, SCAIR.

This colorful and dynamic dance group is receiving many invitations to perform at events, conferences and participate as a group and individuals at Pow wows in the local San Diego area.


This May, June, Summer 2009 the Soaring Eagles have been invited and or featured at these events: American Indian Culture Days in Balboa Park, Indian Days.

1. Museum of Man in Balboa Park.

2. Indian Law and justice conference at the Marriott Hotel.

3. They were featured at the San Diego State University Pow wow this Memorial Day, May 25, 09.

4. The Soaring Eagle and invited adults represented the Soaring Eagles at the NCORE conference at the Hilton-Bay front, Friday, May 29, 2009 8:30–10:00 p.m. This was an informative, educational and interactive event Narrated by SCAIR Senior advisor Randy Edmonds. Organized by Vickie Gambala in cooperation with Sue Thomas and Alan Lachuza this presentation shared the exciting and colorful American Indian Pow Wow Experience! Local San Diego Soaring Eagle Pow Wow adult dancers demonstrated their Regalia and Dance. The Soaring Eagle singers provided the appropriate songs for each exhibition and finished off with a wildly successful and enthusiastic monster series of round dance songs. All attending this educational event had a dandy time.

5. Sixth Annual Society of American Indian Government Employees Training Conference-SAIGE “Many Nations One Sprit: “SPECIAL NIGHT OF CULTURE
Invited: All the Soaring Eagles Dancers
Monday 6:30 PM, June 1, 2009
Town and Country Resort in Mission Valley
Head drum: The Crooked Hat singers from Ventura.
The presentation will take place at the Tiki Room near the pool
Refreshments will be served

6. We are invited to support the Pow wow by the Sea in Imperial Beach on Fathers Day weekend. June 20 and 21st, 2009
Powwow by the Sea* Imperial Beach, Pier Plaza
MC: Randy Edmonds
Arena D: Derek Littledream
H Man: Rene Navarro
Head S. Drum: John Begay
Head N. Drum: Red Hand Singers
Invited: Praying Eagle and Dancing Cloud
619 429 6621

7. Next, the Soaring Eagle singers: Frank Gastelem, Alex Gastelem, Kim Flying Eagle, Ben Nance, Terry Hinsley, Leland Red Eagle, Matt Mason, Ernie Walton, Richard Decrane and Roy Cook look forward to sing at an honoring dinner under the auspices of the Southern California Tribal Chairman’s and TANF in August 09. This will be held at the Viejas Casino Dream Catchers hall.

We anticipate more requests for these fine young dancers. Pow wow elders and cooperative volunteers are anxious to be a part of the overall success. Singing for the Soaring Eagles from the beginning of the program is the Soaring Eagle Singers Drum.

We all appreciate the opportunity to share our Tribal culture and your generous participation with the Soaring Eagles. We also welcome this opportunity to contribute to the continuity of culture and the Tribal cultural experience of our Indian children. Because it is they who will carry these songs and Indian ways unto the seventh generation. Thank you, Aho, Mehan!

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  1. Angel P. Garcia says:

    our little one’s will carry our future… keep teaching our children there heritage

    Angel P. Garcia Fmr. Vice Chairman Pascua Yaqui Tribe Of Arizona