Fall Changes for Soaring Eagles Dance Class

By Roy Cook

This September 22 Fall evening there are many current and far sighted community announcements and some stories about the Soaring Eagle children at the 13th annual Soboba Pow wow this past weekend.


After the blessing by Randy Edmonds, SCAIR Senior advisor, he announced that there will be gourd dance instruction next week. Bring the regalia that you have assembled this past month. We will have some fans and rattles to loan for the evening.


The SCAIR sponsored and community potluck continues to be very popular. Ever popular are meat and bean Tostadas with all the toppings, Spanish rice, green salad and the Copes corn soup was outstanding! Hot Coffee and punch is always welcome. This is largely due to the dedication of all the community to bring in something to share. The Paul Razo family continues to help Debbie Razo bring in these good meals. Elders First!


Dance instructor, Edward ‘Chuck’ Cadotte, was working hard to bring enthusiasm and instruction to each dance style. We also had some artists volunteer to draw caricatures and quick sketches of the children and some adults too. There were many smiles and proud sharing of the drawings. Many will be on the refrigerators tomorrow.

Tonight, we endeavored to persevere at the drum. This is not a perfect world and personal health or work takes priority sometimes. We were able to dig down deep, tighten our cinches, and think about the Indian children. Again, this night, there were songs for all to enjoy. Singers: Ernie Walton, Richard Decrane, Terry Hinsley, Ben Nance and Roy Cook sent our songs special delivery on the U. S. Mail drum.

There is an open invitation for everyone to drop in: September 29, 2009 The Soaring Eagle program continues this Indian Summer 2009 on Tuesday at 6:30 pm at the Ballard Parent Center in Old Town. The best access to parking is from Jefferson St.


We are constantly seeing new faces show up. So, bring them all: kids, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. All our relations are welcome at this intertribal Soaring Eagle dance class and regalia gathering.