SCAIRy Season Excites Soaring Eagles

By Roy Cook

October is a harvest month. This is when the Earth is looking to rest in the winter months. This is also the time for evening stories to be told. And, in the western cultures, many think October is the month for Halloween. The SCAIR sponsored Soaring Eagle dance and regalia program continues to step into the education future. They dance with confidence in our American Indian Tribal song, culture and dance traditions.

clip_image002This October 20, 2009 evening is crisp and just right for the story told by Chuck Cadotte about the racetrack around the Black Hills of South Dakota. This story depicts Ki Inyanka Ocanku (a racetrack) surrounding He Sapa (the Black Hills.) Black Hills is the heart of everything that is. On this racetrack course, all the birds and animals raced four times around the Black Hills. The winner would decide if humans would remain on earth or would be swept away by the Thunder Beings.

The race was won by a bird, the long-tailed, black-and-white magpie, a creature viewed as only slightly better than a pest species by most people today. It should be held in higher regard; the magpie decided that humans could stay. This great gift to mankind is memorialized in Lakota astronomy.

clip_image003After the Soaring Eagle bye week the gathering of parents and children is charged with enthusiasm and excitement about the following announced Native American month upcoming events:

November 6 at UCSD our Soaring Eagle San Diego Unified District Title VII coordinator Vickie Gambala will be honored at the mini-pow wow. This is scheduled on Friday from 6-8 pm in the Multi-purpose facility on the UCSD campus.

November 10 at Old Town Ballard center 6 pm to 8:30 there is a Veterans event scheduled and pot luck dinner. The Soaring Eagles will dance and Steve Garcia will perform a special tribute for the occasion.

November 13 Native American Month at San Diego City Hall-Civic Center Plaza from 11am to 1pm. Soaring Eagles will dance by invitation of SD Councilman Todd Gloria.

November 14 Soaring Eagle dance exhibition at the Bonita Library. Performance at noon is there in regalia by 11am.

November 24 Soaring Eagle dance exhibition at the US Border Patrol. TBA

Clairmont Montessori school Soaring Eagle dance performance, TBA.

Nickelodeon filming segment with the Soaring Eagles in about 4 months, TBA.

clip_image005This evening had a very relaxed; almost picnic quality with sandwiches and corn chips for the potluck. Cakes galore with three birthdays celebrated this evening. There was sinfully delicious brownies too. Hot coffee and punch for all to enjoy.

Two drums and dozens of songs to get seated visitors and parent’s toes tapping and shoulders moving. Frank Gastelem announced the passing of one of our Pow wow community singers, Albert Bianez. In his honor and all who have passed on, we sang a memorial tribute to the joy his songs and participation brought to all the dancers. Our prayers are with his family, Aho.