Southern Indian Health Council Invites Soaring Eagles

By Roy Cook

This is what a traditional American Indian gathering should be: American Indian Elders and American Indian Children. December 10, 2009 Viejas Casino Dream Catchers lounge. The Southern Indian Health Council, SIHC Seniors’ luncheon. SDIC is committed to protecting and improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of our American Indian community. They provide a comprehensive range of professional health care and social services in a manner respectful of Indian values and traditions.

Soaring Eagle coordinator, Vickie Gambala organized this presentation and has overseen the entire Soaring Eagle dance program of the San Diego Indian Education Title VII cultural activities. This American Indian children dance group was invited by Dona James CEO to entertain the SIHC American Indian elders. Since this is a school day and the end of the year, the group was well balanced with the cutest little dancers and the more experienced and adults who could get the day off. In regalia, our Soaring Eagle tiny tots are all heart breakers and constantly provide Kodak moments for all to appreciate and enjoy.


During the Soaring Eagle performance the San Diego Inter-Tribal singers sang the appropriate songs for the dance category selected by Chuck Cadotte, SCAIR American Indian dance instructor. The Elders enjoyed a full program of shawl dance, men’s traditional, Woman’s southern, round dance and crow hop. There was also a special Eagle dance by Steven Garcia. Chuck Cadotte enriched the presentation with stories and recent achievements of the Soaring Eagles.

A red guy in a red suit, Charlie Alto, had a big bag of gifts for lucky ticket holders and there are many goodies on the tables for all to take home something, including the prize of the poinsettia centerpiece. This was a very fine luncheon of sliced turkey, sliced ham in pineapple sauce, candied yams, mashed potatoes and gravy, steamed mixed vegetables and green salad. There is an assortment of rolls and butter and a decadent selection of right sized deserts for all to indulge in!

Any time we can bring a sparkle into the life of our respected elders, that is a very good day for all attending that gathering. We had a great time singing, dancing and eating. We all look forward to the next opportunity to be together again with our respected SDIC elders. Mehan, Aho, Thank you.