Soaring Eagles Step Into 2010

By Roy Cook

Soaring Eagles American Indian dance and regalia cultural class is on Tuesday evening, January 5. 2010. Starting time is six pm. This night is the time for us to once again come together for a good time. This is a positive, safe, sober and cultural enriching good time with the best people on the world, American Indian people, even Kiowa too.


Often we are fortunate to call upon the service of the SCAIR Senior advisor, Randy Edmonds for a blessing to open the evening activities. We continue the warm socializing and after Holiday greetings with hugs and smiles. Bundled up kids gather as the families relate the highlights of the season. Very soon whatever winter chill the week’s absence accumulated has evaporated.


Debbie Razo approached the SCAIR sponsored pot-luck meal with the season in mind. Hot Spaghetti with meat sauce, crisp mixed salad and dressing. Bread and butter, side dishes along with punch and hot coffee provide a fulfilling warm glow in the stomach. Bonnie and Camille celebrated their January birthday with cake and song.


The singers kept singing songs until SCAIR American Indian Dance instructor Chuck Cadotte called for the first category and the instruction started. Announcements of upcoming activities and public performances were distributed and announced to the assembled group. Upcoming Conferences, parades, pow wow and organization presentations hold promise of a full, busy year for the Soaring Eagles. New outfits are proposed for the dancers experiencing a growth spurt. Dance gear is being inspected and next week Vickie Gambala will review outfits for approval for appropriateness at future public presentations. We want everyone to look his or her best!



The dancers: Women, men, boys and girls, jingle, shawl, grass, traditional responded with enthusiasm and despite the break looked ready to dance all the night. Everyone appreciates the support of the proud parents and families. Many other organizations attend the evening dance class just for the warm opportunity to visit and announce their services or programs. Everyone is always respectfully welcome to enjoy the gathering.

Soaring Eagles meet at the Ballard Parent Center in Old Town San Diego from 6pm to 8:30pm Tuesday night at this location:

From Hwy. 8 West take Hwy 5 South:

Exit Old Town Ave. Cross the traffic light and make a left on Jefferson St.

Parking is available for parents, dancers, and singers in the upper lot. Enter on Jefferson Street.

For more Soaring Eagle performances or information contact: Vickie Gambala:  or Chuck Cadotte: 619-994-0392