2010 Soaring Eagles Workshop

By Roy Cook

Swift showers cannot dampen the spirit of Soaring Eagle. Tuesday night, 1/26/10, tonight dance workshop offered special and regular activities to educate and entertain parents and visitors. Randy Edmonds, SCAIR Senior advisor and the San Diego Inter-tribal Singers resumed Kiowa Gourd Dance instruction.

Sarah Hernandez sponsored a fund raising activity at the same time. Chuck Cadotte, SCAIR American Indian dance instructor, continued to provide Pow wow dance instruction. SCAIR photographer, Gary Ballard attended and documented the evening activities in high-definition video. Gary also attended the Martin Luther King Parade and dance exhibition. He had pictures to go along with the displayed prize trophy won by the Soaring Eagles.


After the Gourd dance, instruction Randy Edmonds, SCAIR Senior advisor offered the blessing for the SCAIR sponsored Potluck meal. Debbie Razo and her crew served up some well-appreciated hot stew. This is just the right dish on a rainy, damp night like this. There were a number of birthday songs and cake this evening.

Valentine day gift opportunities were available with the added benefit that 50% of the profits would be added to the Soaring Eagle fund raising efforts. Thanks to the coordination that invited Sarah Hernandez to bring in these beauty products.

The rock solid core San Diego Inter-tribal singers stepped up to the challenge of singing with just one drum this evening. Good songs filled the hall and allowed Chuck to focus on personal instruction in the various categories throughout the evening.

It is always a special evening to be with our American Indian community for a social, clean and positive experience like this evening. See you and a friend at the soaring Eagles next week!

Soaring Eagle Pow wow opportunities:

Feb. 6
Golden State Gourd Society
Winter Gourd Dance 1 pm - 4 pm
Dinner Break 4-5:30
War Dance Pow Wow 6 pm – 9 pm

Sherman Indian High School
9010 Magnolia Ave.
Riverside, Ca. 92503
Vendors: Limited Space   Call Charley Narcomey 951-264-1330

FEB 19-21
Chasing The Sun Pow Wow & 10k
9400 W. Maryland Ave.,
Glendale, AZ
Click here for Info

March 20
US Census Pow wow
Barrio Station Hall

March 28-April 1
Women - Man Wellness Conference
Mini Pow wow
Town & Country Resort, San Diego, CA
University of Oklahoma

Grossmont Pow wow
April 24

IHRC Culture Days

Mothers Day Weekend

May 8-9

Balboa Park


San Diego State University

Memorial Day weekend

May 29-30


Soaring Eagle Pow wow

June 8-9

Ballard Parent Center

Old Town San Diego