Soaring Eagles Feather Their Nest

By Roy Cook

There was a bit of disappointment with the Soaring Eagles at the no-show of the media last week. This week we went uptown to the Board meeting to assist the efforts to retain Ballard Center for the benefit of children, parents and many ethnic communities.

There is a row of media vans with the antennas extended for that ‘live at five’ feed to the main studio. The Soaring Eagles were part of the inside SDUSD Board presentation and outside we were the focus of the afternoon. Soaring Eagles Dancers in beautiful regalia. Traditional songs sung by the Inter-tribal singers at a large drum. The early afternoon sun was clouded over and the weather became cool. The songs were hot and the dancers warmed to the occasion. Soaring Eagles Tiny tots captured the hearts and clicking of cameras for this Kodak moment!

The Soaring Eagles provided a full, colorful and respectfully representative presentation for over a half hour on the lawn of the San Diego Unified School District facing Park Boulevard. After the Soaring Eagles presentation we met again at the Ballard Center for our regularly scheduled Soaring Eagles dance workshop and SCAIR sponsored potluck meal.

SCAIR Soaring Eagle workshop, February 23, 2010, had an outstanding response by students, mentors and parents. This is still the best inter-tribal gathering to attend with our American Indian community for a sober, clean, positive, educational and cultural experience.

Great songs filled the hall and allowed Chuck to focus on personal instruction in the various categories. He called for various performance specialties. Chuck said, “We need to be prepared to dance what is called for at the pow wows and keep our positive attitude.” All attending this evening looked great and it was a good gathering with great weather. People came to laugh, talk, and dance and have a great time this evening.

All will continue to be good if we honor our traditions and respect every thing and each other. It is always about the Indian children.

Soaring Eagle Pow wow opportunities:

Heritage Parade
February 27, 2010

Check-In Time: 7AM - 9AM

John F. Kennedy Park

4801 Ocean View Blvd.

San Diego, CA

Parade starts corner of  Imperial & Willie James Jones Ave.

US Census Pow wow
March 20, 2010
Barrio Station Hall

Women - Man Wellness Conference
March 28-April 1, 2010
Mini Pow wow
Town & Country Resort, San Diego, CA
University of Oklahoma

Grossmont Pow wow
April 24, 2010

IHRC Culture Days
Mothers Day Weekend
May 8-9 2010
Balboa Park

San Diego State University
Memorial Day weekend
May 30-31, 2010

Soaring Eagle Pow wow
June 26 & 27, 2010
Ballard Parent Center
Old Town San Diego