Fast Time at the Soaring Eagles

By Roy Cook.

Clock Time jumped forward and the Soaring Eagle workshop, March 16, 2010, is jumping with new families and growing students. There are many Soaring Eagle announcements of who will be the head staff at the upcoming San Diego area Pow wows this spring. (See list of events at the bottom.) SCAIR, Southern California American Indian Resource provides for the American Indian dance instructor, the senior advisor, the evening feed and regular reviews of the workshops. We appreciate SCAIR for their constant support.


People came to Soaring Eagle to enjoy and participate in the SCAIR sponsored hot, hearty, stick to your ribs feast prepared by Debbie Razo. SCAIR Senior advisor Randy Edmonds acknowledged a visiting Comanche family from Oklahoma. He also provided the blessing before the meal. Everyone came to laugh, talk, and see the Soaring Eagle children dance and have a great time again this evening at the Soaring Eagles.

We repeat the thought that all will continue to be good at the Soaring Eagle SCAIR sponsored American Indian Dance workshop if we honor our traditions and respect every thing and each other. We always need to keep in it mind, that it is always about the Indian children. Our constant goal is the empowerment of the children’s trust, commitment and self-esteem.


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SCAIR American Indian dance instructor Chuck Cadotte announced the Soaring Eagle winners at the Long Beach Pow wow last weekend. The Soaring Eagles are enjoying a very visible presence in our Southland Pow wow community.


We are designating student mentors to assist the other students at the pow wows. It can get hectic for first timers and folks growing out of their regalia. Parents are being asked to determine what material they still need for the outfits. All need to see Vickie Gambala for final approval.


Chuck Cadotte continues to focus on a performance segment called the Lakota Gourd Dance and the Duck and Dive. He called for ongoing Soaring Eagle group specialties in the traditional categories: Ladies shawl, Southern traditional. Man traditional, Grass dance and the Round dance. Chuck said, “We have some of our pow wow people in the hospital and others have had accidents. He called for prayers for all.”


The Soaring Eagle attendance exceeded expectations with the increased visibility and popularity of the program; we have been attracting many new families to the Soaring Eagle American Indian workshop. This is a good time to repeat to all the participants that the Soaring Eagle program is an intertribal pow wow regalia focus. If the parents and family desire to represent specific tribal regalia, well, that is all good. However much of the advice and design will be the responsibility of the Child’s parents and family.

The American Indian Health Clinic programs continue to find this gathering most useful to announce their programs to many of the participants in both Soaring Eagle and their Youth programs. El Bissara, Chris was on crutches with a boo boo, Naomi Lake, Dr Melanie Cain and some of her other staff enjoyed the evening too. Thursday night they will have a program detailing how to fill out the census and what to be careful to avoid frauds.

It was a superb Soaring Eagle gathering with warm summer like weather. This SCAIR sponsored Soaring Eagle workshop is still the best San Diego inter-tribal gathering to attend with our American Indian community for a sober, clean, positive, educational and cultural experience. We will see you at the Census Pow wow!

Soaring Eagle Pow wow opportunities:
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March 27
The San Diego County Women’s Hall of Fame Selection Committee has announced its selections for induction into this year’s Women’s Hall of Fame. One of these is: Anna Sandoval. Her leadership has greatly benefited her people. She is recognized as the first female tribal chief of a Kumeyaay Indian tribe. The announcement came in anticipation of the 9th annual induction ceremony and dinner, which is, will take place on March 27, 2010 at UC San Diego’s Price Center Ballroom East from 5-9PM. In 2001, the four Co-Hosts of the San Diego County Women’s Hall of Fame organized the first Hall of Fame event at UC San Diego to honor and acknowledge women who have significantly contributed to the quality of life and have made outstanding volunteer contributions in San Diego County. The purpose of the annual induction of women into the Hall of Fame is to make women’s actions and accomplishments visible in San Diego. The induction ceremony is open to the public.

US Census Pow wow
March 20, 2010
Barrio Station Hall
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Women - Man Wellness Conference
March 29
Mini Pow wow
Town & Country Resort, San Diego, CA
University of Oklahoma
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Grossmont Pow wow
April 24, 2010
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IHRC Culture Days
Mothers Day Weekend
May 8-9 2010
Balboa Park

San Diego State University
Memorial Day weekend
May 30-31, 2010

Soaring Eagle Pow wow
June 26 & 27, 2010
Ballard Parent Center
Old Town San Diego
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