John Hood’s Review - April 6, 2010 Soaring Eagles

by John Hood

Our grand master of elders Mr. Randy Edmonds and wife had a leave of absence, taking their Spring Break. Their leisure travels offers family reunions and joyous moments in retirement. Mr. Edmonds is long standing community activist and leader serving the American Indians.
The Spring Break shoo in a milder warm weather for our Soaring Eagles. It also brings on the desire to update regalia to embolden optimism for the on-coming Pow Wows for the eagles. SCAIR (Southern California American Indian Resource) has been the quintessence for cultural diversity for the Soaring Eagles program. The partnership of various donors, sponsorship enables the Soaring Eagles as the ambassadors for cultural enlightenment. We thank all for their support and our community pride nestles in the eyes of our children. The Soaring Eagles program offers expansion to explore concepts and innovative presentations. A new presentation called “Four Flag Directional Dance” that represents the four directions is performed by four young ladies attired with their shawls. Each performer has a colored ribbon staff for their presentation. The four colors presented are; Red for East, Black for West, Yellow for South and White for North. The dance is an existing format from a dance group Mr. Chuck Cadotte observed in the circuit of cultural activities. Mr. Cadotte will refine the dance presentations to be performed at certain venues.


The Razo family provides eateries for hungry children and adults throughout our Soaring Eagles sessions. We surround ourselves and activities with the desire to quench our thirst and nutrients for satisfaction. Paul, Debbie and the Razo family always provide tireless efforts for their supportive role in our community. Food is essential that bonds family and friends. Some humor and laughter is part of the diet.
Our drums are critical for our sessions. The songs and the drum comprises of a kinship and marriage, a delicate balance for unique presentations. Sound is an element of comfort; some embellishes social refinement in adaptation, endures moments and memories and provides a lighter path to embark on.


Respect, is often revered as a moral compass for compassion and understanding. Methods derive from myriad of sources and among the utmost deflections are from our elders. Their compassion for life, understanding dignity, resolving conflicts, and implement diplomacy to engage all adversities and stewardship for our environment is their
task. We must be diplomatic in our communication and provide unity to empower our process and progress. Mr. Cadotte emphasized monitoring our youth as they participate in our program for guidance. Our gratitude and appreciation is expressed to the parents whom support the Soaring Eagles. Special thanks to Ms. Vickie Gambala and Mr. Chuck Cadotte for their role to enhance our cultural presentations..


Tots and elders are encouraging themes.


Beautiful renditions of colors and steps

shawl_practice2 sneakup

boys_practice1 shawl_practice3