SDAIHC ReNew Community Family Picnic 2010

By Roy Cook

Folks arrive and enjoy this June 6, 2010 day. It is a San Diego breezy, bright, beautiful day for the most part on. A solid core group of San Diego American Indian Health Center ReNew committee members, volunteers and representatives of local support organizations are occupied with sign up tasks and set up for the activity events responsibility. The SDUSD Indian Education Title VII, SCAIR sponsored Soaring Eagle students, parents, mentors and community volunteers attend. We are delighted to see our Elders, children and Indian organization leaders at these public events.  Lots of unstructured visiting and relaxing is a big part of this San Diego American Indian Health Center ReNew Community Family picnic at Admiral Baker Field.

This Navy recreation area is just off Friars Road and behind the San Diego Mission de Alcala. The area field and golf course is on the original flood plain of the San Diego River and historically, during the mission period, was the area used for agricultural purposes by the Kumeyaay. Earlier, in time, this same area is the village site Nipoway. This entire region is the traditional homeland of the Tipai - Kumeyaay tribal people. Thus, it is a very appropriate location for American Indian gatherings. It is in the midst of our ancestry.

This is such a glorious day in the park! It seems so good to be here and just feel as if we naturally belong to this urban American Indian group even though we may be far away from our tribal roots. Universal qualities of down home goodness wrapped with respect and appreciation is the best spice.

The visible smiles upon smiles carried the joy of the day into the sports, cultural and entertainment activities and feasting. Spiced with laughter, the cooks labored constantly and pleasantly over the hot grills. By and large, the day went that way. Eat a little. Laugh a lot, come back and eat a little more, do a craft project come back and eat a little more and have an ice cold soda pop or two, laugh a lot more. For a more detailed view of the days’ activities and sponsors, review the following link:
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We were able to meet old friends and visit with new people to the San Diego American Indian community. One thing about our Indian families, we are the bench mark for diversity in action. That has been our San Diego community traditional custom and practice and it will continue to be, as long as we come together in camp circles and get together like this San Diego American Indian Health Center ReNew Community Family picnic.

Finally, we extend our appreciative thanks to the Health Clinic picnic community committee for their excellent work. We also hope to see you and your family at the next American Indian community event.