Soaring Eagle Rock the House

By Roy Cook

This shaky June 15, 2010 Soaring Eagle Dance workshop has no fault at the evening activities. There is another evening pow wow committee meeting in another room. The workshop activities are in preparation for the Father’s Day Imperial Beach Pow wow by the Sea and the end of the month Soaring Eagle Pow wow on June 26-27, 2010 at the Ballard Parent Center in Old Town.

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Vickie Gambala
San Diego Unified School District
Title VII Indian Education Program

Everyone is welcome!

Soaring Eagle singers were early and greeted the workshop students and parents with good live pow wow songs. American Indian SCAIR dance mentor Melissa Aldeman is again on the microphone this evening. The other mentors also stepped up to the task, with the exception of Steve Garcia, our resident professional dancer. He was walking with a cane and suffering with a back strain but he said it is getting better with time.
Most of us are happy to volunteer our time and talent to help the Indian children gain confidence and learn about fun, positive, healthy, drug and alcohol free involvements. These educational activities inform and demonstrate, by example the protocol and respect of the pow wow circle. American Indian traditions are a living experience and made a part of a shared life history with the Soaring Eagle youth community. We always need to remember, it is not about us, and it is for the children!
The evening’s dance instruction continued with the new and younger dancers. Once they learn the basic steps they can join in with greater confidence.


Many of our Soaring Eagles went to Oceanside and were selected as winners in their dance categories: Peewee grass, Robert Franco 1st., Ricky Garcia 2nd. Nathan Attson 3rd. Jr. jingle, Vanessa Franco, Jr. shawl, Lissette Flores 1st., Ophelia Gastelum 2nd., Bella Flores 3rd., Teen fancy shawl, 2nd., Cheyenne Garcia, Adult grass, Richard Decrane 3rd., Golden age N. traditional Chuck Cadotte 1st.  Congratulations to all that participated!

We again had two drums this evening for the dancers to enjoy dancing to two songs for each category. All the other regular dance categories were announced by Melissa and reviewed.
Debbie and the Razo crew had a really well received SCAIR sponsored meal and potluck of hot dog on a bun with or without chili beans, rice, macaroni salad, humus, Middle East salsa, potato salads, fruit, lettuce salad and the usual condiments made for a good meal.

We celebrated three birthdays: Birthday boy Richard Orvedal, Soaring Eagle baby, Adrian ‘Thunder’ Garcia. He was born at the start of the Soaring Eagle program and is one year old. Also, celebrated is Canaan Durbin from the Santa Ysabel Band and is 4 years old. It is a great birthday time with songs, outstanding homemade cake and coffee or punch.

Finally, maybe we will see you and your family at the next event or the Soaring Eagle Dance Workshop on Tuesday Evening, 6:00pm, at the Old Town Ballard Parent center, 2375 Congress Street San Diego, Ca 92110.

San Diego and regional Pow wow activities:

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JUNE 19 & 20
Powwow by the Sea
974 Seacoast Drive (at the pier)
Imperial Beach, CA
Info: Barbara McCoy or Jackson at The Bridge (619)429-6621
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JUNE 26 & 27
Soaring Eagle Pow wow
Ballard Parent Center
Old Town San Diego
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