Soaring Eagles at IB 2010

By Roy Cook
Photos by H. Fuentes
The SCAIR sponsored San Diego Soaring Eagles participated at the 2010 Pow wow by the Sea, Imperial Beach June 19-20. These are bright days with just enough breezes to make it Chamber of Commerce comfortable. The Soaring Eagles are there in support and as a reflection of their respect for dance mentors Frank and Jennifer Gastelum. They have freely given of their time, talent and support to the SCAIR Soaring Eagle program from the beginning. The Soaring Eagle dancers are happy to be a part of this event. The celebration is under the gaze of a Neptune sand sculpture. The beach scene is always a good place to see the sights.


All the Pow wow head staff took their appointed positions responsibly. Of special note is Bobo Galvin, Eagle Staff carrier. Ron Christman provided the blessing for the event. It is nice to see long time friends in the dance arena. Also seen is Wilbur Solomon at the Gourd dance.


Host Northern drum: Red Hand
Host Southern drum: Bear Wolf
Head Man: Ray Molinix
Head Woman: Annie Begay
Head Boy: Richard Clark
Head Girl: Taimama Moquouish
Tiny tot Girl: Zoe Bosfug
Tiny tot Boy: Ricky Garcia
Head Gourd Dancer: Ivan Sam
Arena Director: Rene Navarro
Honor Color Guard: American Indian Warriors Association (AIWA)
Emcee: Randy Edmonds, Kiowa-Caddo

We extend our appreciation to those AIWA members and family who represented the AIWA organization in respectful attendance and service to our Indian Tribal community at the Pow wow by the Sea. Both past and present AIWA members: Ivan Sam- AIWA President, Richard Decrane, Ronnie Murphy, Joaquin Sandoval also El Bissara and other Veterans for bringing in a flag.

The annual Imperial Beach Pow wow is organized by, The Bridge and the City of Imperial Beach, They, along with all the volunteers that supported the 2010 Pow wow by the Sea event, deserve all the appreciation the Pow wow attendees were able to show at this two-day summer solstice and celebration of life.


This start of summer Pow wow by the Sea is wonderful. There are Exhibition Dances, Gourd dance songs, Honoring songs and Memorial songs. It is just one beautiful, colorful, joyful celebration of Tribal life. It is complete, it is fun, and it is good. We are very thankful for these longer days of summer. These days are truly a bonus when we are having a good time. There were hundreds of songs sung and thousands of feet danced with joy on our Mother Earth these two beautiful days.


Soaring Eagle Cheyenne Garcia is the IB 2010 princess. The Van Dyke family had a give away for the outgoing 2009 royalty.

Tiny tots and the SCAIR sponsored Soaring Eagles Dance group are our American Indian future and they are all winners of our heart.