Soaring Eagles Soar to Pepper Grove Park

clip_image0031Soaring Eagles are sponsored by Southern California American Indian Resource Inc.

By Roy Cook

This August 3, 2010 the Soaring Eagle Dance workshop Vickie Gambala announced that this is the final Ballard Center location for the summer. Most of the evenings, efforts are directed toward the upcoming American Indian cultural events: Barona Pow wow, Sycuan Pow wow and the 41st annual National NIEA conference at the Town & Country on October 7-10, 2010.

We will meet, under the sky and stars at Pepper Grove Park August 10, 17, 24, 31, 2010, in Balboa Park for the summer.

American Indian traditions are a living experience and made a part of lifelong memories that are added to the tribal memory of the children in the ways of our ancestors. These children will tell their children how things were when they were young and the continuity of culture will restore the hoop of the world, for all the people. We always need to remember, it is not about us, and it is for the children!


SCAIR Senior Advisor, Randy Edmonds had a few announcements and offered the blessing for the food this evening. More families that are new continue to attend from our local reservations and other urban communities. SCAIR dance instructor Chuck Cadotte continues to provide basic instruction for the new and younger dancers. Once they learn the basic steps they can join in with greater confidence. We again had two songs for each category this evening for the dancers to enjoy the change up and work on their endurance. All the other regular dance categories were announced and reviewed

dsc_7676eDebbie and the Razo crew had a really well received SCAIR sponsored meal and a bountiful potluck of: ham and cheese sandwiches, mixed vegetables, shredded BBQ meat and steamed rice, pasta salad, fruit, chips and salad made for a good thankful meal. Later we celebrated two 11 year olds birthdays with a short sugar break for cake, cupcakes, coffee or punch.


Singing this evening was Art Andrade from La Jolla Band and Reservation. Twenty-five years ago he was one of the early directors of the then San Diego City Schools Title IV Indian Education program and Charlie ‘Chuck’ Backus, USMC singing with the San Diego Intertribal singers. In total, there were three drums this evening and all pushed up good lively intertribal songs for the parents and dance students. These will reinforce the total pow wow experience. Everyone enjoyed the men and boys doing the shawl dance and the final round dance songs brought back summer memories of earlier times.


Finally, most of us continue to be honored to be a part of the program and volunteer our time and talent to help the Indian children gain confidence and learn about fun, positive, healthy, drug and alcohol free involvements. Maybe we will see you and your family at the next American Indian event.

balboa-mapwebREMEMBER! We will meet at Pepper Grove Park August 10, 17, 24, 31, 2010 in Balboa Park for the summer.


San Diego Unified School District Title VII Indian Education Program

Everyone is welcome!

San Diego and regional Pow wow activities:

Santa Ysabel 12th Annual Traditional Gathering - 2pm. Opening prayer
9:30am. Softball games round robin start
2pm Horseshoe tournament sign ups at games start at 3:30.
2pm Children activities - Peon games at dusk for adults & children.
Dinner will be served at 5pm with traditional food
Info -Devon at 619-920-3154 Vendors - Marion Concha Linton at 760-315-7248
AUG 13 -14
2010 Barona Traditional Gathering
Peon, Traditional Singing Dancing, Family Games, Live Music, Horse Shoes, Invitational Softball Tournament, Food
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AUG 16
Miss Kumeyaay Nation Pageant 2010
Judging and Tabulation @ Viejas
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AUG 28
Viejas Bird Singers Gathering
AUG 27 - 29
3rd Annual Honoring Traditions Pow Wow
Pala Band of Mission Indians
Pala, California Download Pala Pow Wow Flyer HERE