Soaring Eagles Flutter with Chilly News

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By Roy Cook

The Soaring Eagle Dance and Regalia workshop is back home in the Old Town Ballard center. We will look forward to seeing you and your family at the next American Indian event: National Indian Education Association, NIEA, is still seeking volunteers to assist at the conference on October 7-10, 2010. More news and announcements at the Soaring Eagle dance workshop, Old Town Ballard Parent center, September 14, 2010 from 6-8:30pm.

As announced, we will need to refocus our support efforts toward some previous soaring Eagle funded basic services. Consultants and food at the dance workshops will be much more on a voluntary basis for the foreseeable future. It has been a sweet and beneficial ride. But a little belt tightening and more walking will be a Soaring Eagle healthy move overall. We have the combined resources available in our Tribal community. We need to mobilize our efforts to benefit the Soaring Eagles. I’m going to stroll over to the creative side of the trail and think on how to improve things for all the children.

baronapaper1Last weekend, some Soaring Eagle families also had a good time returning to the Barona Pow wow this Labor Day weekend. “I want my grandchildren to learn our tradition,” said Hilda Gonzalez Fuentes, who grew up knowing little about her American Indian roots, but came to see her grandson, B.J. Jackson, perform in Apache dress. A La Mesa sixth-grader, he belongs to Soaring Eagles, a cultural dance group for Native American youths.

“Barona always has a good powwow,” said Vickie Gambala, director of Indian Programs for San Diego Unified School District, and head of the Soaring Eagles. “It’s a family powwow, and it’s a fun powwow.”
Excerpt from: Sandra Dibble, UNION-TRIBUNE Sunday, 9/5/10.

Three of our Soaring Eagle dancers are featured on the Barona Pow wow site Here.


Barona Pow wow Soaring Eagle winners of dance competition were: Baltazar Jackson, Violet Decrane, Richard Decrane and SDAIHC-Charlene Redner. Enjoy these Soaring Eagle images from Abel Jacome of the pow wow.

Tuesday night we did have a dynamic and fun evening. We shared the occasion of Chandler Hood entering his adventure in higher education at Stanford University. Tributes and honoring of Lisette Flores were a part of the evening too. Drum frames and a gifted drum from a prison were accepted onto the Soaring Eagle circle. SCAIR Senior Advisor Randy Edmonds spoke to the position and responsibility of drum keeper in the Kiowa Tribe. And, we did eat a lot of cupcakes and cake with coffee or punch in the birthday celebration and special event cake.

Our Soaring Eagle families are constantly encouraging us all with their dedication and enthusiasm. We learn by example and instruction. Our American Indian traditions are a living experience and these workshops are made a part of lifelong memories that are added to the tribal memory of the American Indian children in the ways of our American Indian Elders and ancestors. These children will tell their children how things were when they were young and the Tribal tradition of the continuity of culture will restore the hoop of the world, for all the people. We always need to remember, it is not about us, and it is for the children!

Our Soaring Eagle students, new and faithful, learn the basic moves of each dance category. Each drum is growing with eager aspirants to the singing of traditional tribal songs. We tell everyone, “It is not so much the beating on the drum but it is the singing that is most important to be a singer. Know your vowels to start with.”

sdsingers1We will look forward to seeing you and your family at the Sycuan annual Pow wow, 9-10, 11, 12, 2010 or the next American Indian event and Soaring Eagle dance workshop, Old Town Ballard Parent center, September 14, 2010 from 6-8:30pm.

For more information:
Vickie Gambala
San Diego Unified School District
Title VII Indian Education Program

Everyone is welcome!

San Diego American Indian calendar events can be seen 7/24 on the web:

SEPT 10-12
Sycuan Reservation Pow-wow Grounds
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OCT 1-3
2nd Annual Big Time Gathering and Inter-Tribal PowWow
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