Soaring Eagles Review Their Dance Regalia

clip_image0031Soaring Eagles are sponsored by Southern California American Indian Resource Inc.

By Roy Cook

San Diego American Indian trails lead to the Old Town Ballard center from 6-8:30 pm. with smiles and stories to tell each Tuesday evening. Inside the Ballard Center on 10/12/10, there are many announcements of performances and community news. We continue to see many new faces and familiar friends gathered for the Soaring Eagle Dance and regalia Tuesday night workshop. I understand we will go back to the basics of American Indian dance instruction.

NOTE: 10/19/10, we will not have a dance workshop next week. There is a community board meeting.

ALSO: the following week, 10/26/10, is the San Diego American Indian Health Clinic sponsored Halloween party at the Ballard Parent Center. Booo!

Tonight, we are back to our familiar San Diego ‘perfect’ weather. Just a hint of fall in the air and the leaves are gorgeous in the Kwaimii Cuyamuck mountains to the east. A persons quality of life can be determined if you just survive the day or dance in the Sun or rain!


The traveling performance dance team has been very busy these past weeks! Some of the children are outgrowing their outfits and thinking of new regalia. Maybe some of our newer dancers will benefit from these changes and improvements.


Many Soaring Eagle dancers participated in responsible roles at the NIEA pow wow on October 8, 2010. All had a good time!


shawl jingle


Soaring Eagle family and friends continue to bring potluck side dishes to add to the variety of the dinner. We will continue to share what we have with the community despite the end of our organizational funding. We will survive for the children.


Our observation is reinforced, over the past two years, and has shown that we can make an impact on our urban and rural American Indian children. We continue to emphasize that the primary goal of the Soaring Eagles is: The continuity of American Indian culture.

Our American Indian traditions are a living experience and these workshops are made a part of lifelong memories that are added to the tribal memory of the American Indian children in the ways of our American Indian Elders and ancestors. These children will tell their children how things were when they were young and the Tribal tradition of the continuity of culture will restore the hoop of the world, for all the people. We always need to remember, it is not about us, and it is for the children!


Tonight we had two drums. We were very glad to see Chuck Backus, USMC return from deployment in Afghanistan. He came down with a case of Malaria. We also have another lead singer for the tiny tots song, Jake Jacome, lead off the Mighty Mouse song, on his own, for the first time. We were also glad to see Larry Powless return to sing and with his family enjoy the Soaring Eagle evening.


All the singers were eager to sing when called upon for the dance categories selected by SCAIR American Indian dance instructor, Chuck Cadotte. Tiny tots, girls, boys, junior categories, jingle dress, shawl, grass dance, crow hop and the all-popular round dance brought out two young ladies singing a Northern song with enthusiasm, happy feet and spontaneous smiles.


We will look forward to seeing you and your family at the next American Indian event and Soaring Eagle dance workshop, Old Town Ballard Parent center.

For more information:
Vickie Gambala
San Diego Unified School District
Title VII Indian Education Program

Everyone is welcome!

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  1. anthony gastelum says:

    It brings me tears of joy when I see the smiles on the faces of our Indian people.To watch my brother learn and have one common goal is to dance for all his relations brings happiness. I want to personality thank everyone for welcoming my mother Ofelia to the group she just loves everyone’s company. My sister Carmen and her husband Eli . Thank you Anthony and Georgie Gastelum