Soaring Eagles Mother’s Day 2011

By Roy Cook


Tonight, May 10, 2011, our American Indian parents gathered together at Ballard center after a fine weekend in Balboa Park. We had a fine Pow wow time both days in the San Diego spring sun.


Our special lady, Vickie Gambala is comfortable enjoying the recent public tributes especially when she can experience the moments in the company of the American Indian children and parents in the Soaring Eagle program. Enjoy these images of our Soaring Eagles and visitors in regalia at Balboa Park during the Mother’s Day weekend.

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Tonight, May 10, 2011, we again look forward to experienced, contest winners and past head dancers to mentor the children in the movement and steps of the American Indian traditional dance. This time of year every mentor cannot make it every week but each week there is always someone to step up and share what they know of our Indian ways. This generosity is the Indian way.

Our SCAIR Senior advisor Randy Edmonds provided the Soaring Eagle
announcements and blessing for the potluck meal this evening.


These public participations and weekly immersions into traditional tribal culture by America’s first peoples allow us to endure and remain a vital cultural, political, social, and moral presence in the San Diego region.

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Tribal America continues to bring to this great USA Nation  certain human values and political ideas that have become ingrained in the American spirit.


Following this weekend there were many new American Indian children, friends and family that were  motivated and found their way to the Old Town workshop Soaring Eagles for traditional songs and good company.

wso drum

The children had Kory Blackbears drum to enjoy this evening. We invite you to bring your children and family to learn in, a traditional way, the pow wow dance, music and enjoy the friendship of the gatherings.


We are very fortunate to have a location to gather at and live our Indian ways. We are fortunate to have volunteers to share their dance and song experience and truly blessed to have children eager to have a good time doing Indian things.

San Diego American Indian pow wow trails lead to the Old Town,
Harold J. Ballard Parent Center
2375 Congress St
San Diego, CA 92110
Also, remember to bring a potluck item or side dish for the Soaring Eagles evening feast. Everyone is welcome to attend.

For more information: Vickie Gambala
San Diego Unified School District
Title VII Indian Education Program
Harold J. Ballard Parent Center
2375 Congress St
San Diego, CA 92110

Soaring Eagle performance contact:
Abel Jacome – 619-454-4951
clip_imagelogo2San Diego Soaring Eagle stories are brought to you by Southern California American Indian Resource, SCAIR.

May 21
UCSD Powwow
U.C.S.D.- Muir Field
9500 Gilman Dr. La Jolla, CA. 92093
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June 4
Soaring Eagle Old Town pow wow
Ballard Center playground
San Diego, California

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June 11-12
San Luis Rey Powwow
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