San Diego Soaring Eagle stories are brought to you by Southern California American Indian Resource, SCAIR.


Soaring Eagles Continue in the Park

By Roy Cook

Under cloudy skies and a chilly ocean breeze we reflect on this July 26, 2011 beautiful San Diego Soaring Eagle evening. Simply by looking around at the attendees, our views are constantly inspiring. What we see most clearly are the bright smiles and eager faces of the children attending this nights super sized dance workshops.

This past weekend the Soaring Eagles performance group and parents were invited to attend a recovery campout at the Matarawa campground on the Viejas Tribal land. We welcome any opportunity to participate in Indian activities, on Indian Land for Indian people. The brightness of the children at this event is such a metaphorical counterpoint to the personal challenges of the recovery participants. Addiction, dependency and self-denial are some of the issues discussed in workshops in addition to the evening entertainments. In some good way we can only hope the presence of the children will bring inspiration by their innocence and eagerness for life.

Our speakers’ messages underscore our consistent efforts to conduct ourselves in a beneficial inspiration to all in the arena. Additionally it is the constant goal for all of us to think of others and the quality of the futures potentiality. Simply said, be nice to all living things and people.

Our dance mentors, singers, and elders personal satisfaction is to see our Indian Children dancing joyfully on the green grass of Mother Earth. We can see that our Indian ways will continue to flourish and live as long as these songs of our Grandfathers live in their hearts.


flashIn brilliant regalia and happy smiles over 50 of the Soaring Eagle performance group added to the Matarawa Recovery event. Enjoy these Soaring Eagle images from Abel Jacome: Soaring Eagle event coordinator.




grass1 inter2

Tonight, we are fortunate to have three drums for the Indian children to enjoy dancing to. The Green River, Falling Rock and San Diego Inter-tribal Singers drum pushed up more intertribal songs for all the parents and Soaring Eagle dance students to learn each category.

river rocks tribal

Frank Gastelum and Chuck Cadotte announced the dance and song selections. These songs will continue to help the students find their place in to the circle of traditional dance and the pow wow world.



closeOur hosted evening feast and the pot luck dishes made for a good, fulfilling and thankful meal. Debbie Razo served up the San Diego Health Center Community Night and the SCAIR sponsored Soaring Eagle feast for over 150 attendees.

Everyone is welcome to attend the ‘Balboa park’ Soaring Eagle dance (6-8:30pm) summer workshops from now to Sept. 14, 2011.

Soaring Eagle performance contact:

Abel Jacome – 619-454-4951


For more information call: Vickie Gambala — 619-306-7318


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July 30 &31
Garden Grove High School Football Field
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Aug 6
Santa Ysabel Traditional Gathering
12:00 Opening
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Aug 27
Viejas Traditional Gathering
Viejas Birdsingers Gathering and Peon Games
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