San Diego Soaring Eagle stories are brought to you by Southern California American Indian Resource, SCAIR.

Soaring Eagles: Summer Story Time and Song

By Roy Cook

The SDAIHC Youth program Inter-generational evening, in conjunction with the Soaring Eagle dance workshop at Laurel and 6th Ave. Tuesday night August 23, 2011. This evening is again under the stars at 5:30pm by the big tree and still in the Balboa Park. Some arrived early to select a favorite place to set up their chairs. Others trickled in from other summer activities. Tonight the SDAIHC Youth program and Soaring Eagle organization gathered together slowly and as a result the summer weather was a bit cooler this evening. But in spite of different and more faces around the circle the joy of the gathering was evident in the younger dancers’ eyes. At full force this evening there were over 100 community Elders members: Joe Buffer - Director of the San Diego American Indian Health Center, Paula Brim - Chairperson for the SDAIHC, David Gloria - Board member of the SDAIHC, Frank Gastelum - Chairperson for the Soaring Eagles, Abel Jacome - Event Coordinator, John Hood, Chuck Cadotte - Coordinator for the Soaring Eagles and Richard Orvedal - Regalia Coordinator for the males of the Soaring Eagles. These along with SDAIHC Youth Center families and children were enjoying the SDAIHC Youth Center and Soaring Eagle Workshop in the park.

SDAIHC Youth program storytellers: Richard Orvedal, Chuck Cadotte, and Frank Gastelum related traditional creation stories from their regions and Tribe that were most familiar.

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The Soaring Eagle dance singers’ voluntary personal satisfaction is to see our Indian Children dancing joyfully on the green grass of Mother Earth. We singers, of the Green River and San Diego Intertribal drums, can see that our Indian ways will continue to flourish and live as long as these songs of our Grandfathers live in their hearts.

These weekly Soaring Eagles immersions into traditional tribal culture and participation in public American Indian SDAIHC Youth Center gatherings allow us to endure and remain a vital cultural, political, social, and moral presence in the San Diego region. We are fortunate to have volunteers to share their dance and song experience and truly blessed to have these children eager to have a good time doing Indian things. This event was coordinated by the SDAIHC Youth Center Director - Christopher Scott and staff, Carrie Gloria - Chairperson for the San Diego Unified School District, Indian Education Program, and Vickie Gambala, Director for the Soaring Eagles Families.

Also tonight, SCAIR tutor, Jeannie Alvarado again brought skill level pamphlets on the daily life: An Apple a Day, nutritional primer and Lotsa Pasta, introduction food and culture primer. Vickie Gambala invited everyone to stop by the information table to register and pick up the latest community flyers and the Soaring Eagles schedule.  Vickie would like to remind everyone to complete their regalia information form and to up date their regalia information with  her and Leo Thompson.

Our hosted SDAIHC Youth program and Soaring Eagle evening feast and the pot luck dishes made for a good, scrumptious meal: raw vegetables, fresh pinto beans, mole, panzit, adobo, 3 variations of chicken, 3 servings of rice, fruit cocktail, donuts, cookies and many choices of drinks. We sincerely appreciate our friends and families potluck support and encourage greater participation and goodies. Debbie Razo and SDAIHC Youth Center helpers served up the SDAIHC Youth program and SCAIR sponsored Soaring Eagle potluck feast for the hungry and happy attendees. The special cooks for the evening were Daniel, Missy, Debbie and Paul Camacho. Additionally, there are three birthdays this evening: Queenabella Fisher, Jenifer Garcia and Eli Serrano. The chocolate cake and frosting was to kill for good!

Simply by looking around at the families, our views of the parents and children are constantly inspiring. What we see most clearly until twilight are the bright smiles and eager faces of the children attending this SDAIHC Youth program and Soaring Eagle night in the park dance workshops.


Due to the up coming events and powwows:
Pala, Barona and Sycuan,  the “American Indian “Community Night” at the Normal Heights Community Center this Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 6:00 pm (Sponsored by the SDAIHC and the Soaring Eagles), the Viejas Traditional Gathering  held this weekend at Viejas, and of course, the parents need extra time to get their children ready to go back to school, I was informed that this is the final ‘Balboa park’ Soaring Eagle summer dance workshops from now to Sept. 14, 2011 when we move back to Ballard Parent Center in Old Town. We invite you to bring your children and family to learn by observation and participation, a traditional way, the pow wow dance, music and also enjoy the friendship of the gatherings.

Also, remember to bring a potluck item or side dish for the Soaring Eagles evening feast. Again, everyone is welcome to attend the dance workshops.


Soaring Eagle performance contact:

Abel Jacome – 619-454-4951


For general information call: Vickie Gambala — 619-306-7318


San Diego Region Pow wow and Cultural Events:

Aug 26, 27 & 28
Pala Pow wow and Peon Tournament
4th Annual Honoring Traditions Powwow
Pala, Ca
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Aug 27

Viejas Traditional Gathering
Viejas Birdsingers Gathering and Peon Games
Alpine, CA
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Sep 2 - 4
Barona Pow Wow
Ball Field behind Rec. Center,
BaronaIndian Reservation, Lakeside, Calif. (619) 443-6612
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