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Soaring Eagle Back on Track

By Roy Cook


After our summer classes in Balboa park the Soaring Eagle dance workshop October 12, 2011 is back at Ballard Parent Center in Old Town. This evening we sang traditional Indian songs and the children danced traditional dances and all was right in our San Diego American Indian pow wow dance world. We felt very good that there is harmony and balance, in the dance circle, where it should be. Many of our other familiar features were in place.

SOARING EAGLE WORKSHOP SCHEDULE: Oct. Nov. Dec., 2011 (Note: not all are on Wednesday! See you and your family and remember to bring the pot luck dishes too.)

October 18, 24, 2011

November 2, 29, 2011

December 7, 2011

There is a built in risk every time we change a set routine. Now that we are back at the Ballard center Soaring Eagle things are mostly back on track. As it was pointed out by Randy Edmonds, SCAIR Senior Advisor, at the Soaring Eagle dance workshop October 12, 2011 said,” It is very important, without outside organization support for the food, to remember to bring a potluck item or side dish for the Soaring Eagles evening feast. It is our Indian way to share with the whole community” Randy also gave the blessing for the evening Soaring Eagle meal.

Vickie Gambala said, “We need the parent committee to take a very direct and active role in many of the responsibilities. With the retirement of Ms Vickie Gambala, the SDUSD parent committee person available to help the Soaring Eagles is now Estelle Fisher. Vickie also said we need to think of the Indian children.

We invite you to bring your children and family to learn by observation and participation, a traditional way. There were new faces tonight, October 12, 2011 but there were also many who did not make it or were confused or were not feeling too well on one of the most beautiful of the San Diego Fall days, 80 warm degrees!

Come on down for the pow wow dance, music and also enjoy the friendship of the gatherings. We feel that many San Diego American Indian pow wow trails lead to the Old Town location and the Soaring Eagles:

Harold J. Ballard Parent Center.

2375 Congress St
San Diego, CA 92110

Everyone is welcome to attend the dance workshop. The Indian children are our priority and our Indian culture future.


For Soaring Eagle performance information:

Remember, state your expectations completely and that honorariums and perks are a part of the value of the Soaring Eagle performance group and are negotiated by our performance coordinator.

Abel Jacome – 619-454-4951



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