Soaring Eagle Youth Share Culture

By Roy Cook

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This Native American Month offers many opportunities to bring the richness and beauty of American Indian dance and regalia to the greater San Diego community. Our Soaring Eagle children participated at the, 11/13/11, Flute society concert at Mission Trails City Park. American Indian Warriors Association President William Bucannan also was present at both events.

Our Soaring Eagle children participated at the, 11/17/11, Veterans Day presentation at the La Jolla Veterans hospital multi-purpose room. SE mentor Chuck Cadotte coordinated both presentations. The Soaring Eagle program provides Native American/Alaskan Native K-12 students with an opportunity to learn traditional dance, regalia and respectful tribal customs.


There are many entertaining and healthy activities for all ages and interests to enjoy.

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The Soaring Eagle American Indian Children dance program is located in Old Town. The Ballard Parent Center serves as the home of San Diego Parent advisory committee. This is where parents learn how to strengthen their parenting skills, become more involved in their children’s education and improve their ability to communicate with their children.

Finally, we all hope to see you and your family at the next American Indian community event.