San Diego Soaring Eagles stories are brought to you by Southern California American Indian Resource, SCAIR.


Soaring Eagles Feast and Dance Out 2011

By Roy Cook

santasackOur positive Soaring Eagle dance workshop elements of support were there for the benefit of the children last Wednesday night: Elders. Singers, dance mentors along with community announcements, food and folks ready to have a good time doing this thing for the children. We have been active sharing our Native American heritage with the rest of the San Diego region.

The Soaring Eagles were winners at the Chula Vista parade.

clip_image005Soaring Eagles added to the San Diego State University cultural presentation on campus and many attended the Winter Dinner in Barrio Logan and enjoyed the entertainment by the Green River singers and Steve Garcia’s Eagle dance.

December 7, 2011 SCAIR Senior Advisor Randy Edmonds delivered the blessing for the food and asked for prayers for those in need. Holiday Xmas and Winter Seasons theme table cloths and a fine menu of hardy, comfort and exotic selections were available. The festive, pot luck feast was a grand response. Parent and others participation are very important to the social aspect of the programs success because without outside organization support for the food and paper goods we need to remember to bring a potluck item or side dish for the Soaring Eagles evening feast.

In particular: we thank Debbie Razo for the roast beef, Vicky Gambala for the turkey, Christopher Scott for the scrumptious deserts and Estelle Fisher for organizing the gift stockings for the girls and boys. There were the traditional items and special side dishes, homemade cookies, red menudo, stew and fried bread and corn muffins were all yummy. It is our Indian way to show hospitality and generosity when we invite all to attend an Indian gathering and share the meal with the whole community.


We invite you to bring your children and family to learn about Inter-tribal dance and regalia by observation and participation in a traditional way. We feel that many San Diego American Indian pow wow trails lead to this Old Town location and the Soaring Eagles.


This evening we had three groups utilize the same location and time frame: the SDSU Alumni group met in room 3 and the American Indian Warriors also held their monthly meeting early in the evening in the large room. This is a wonderful setting and opportunity to meet with many members of the Native American Inter-tribal community.

The primary goal of the Soaring Eagle program is the children. This workshops quality is evident in the initiative, joy, pride of tribal identity and participation, from beginning to end, of the parents and children at the Soaring Eagles workshop. Thank you all for being there this historic evening, Pearl Harbor Day, December 7.

The Indian children are our Soaring Eagle workshop priority and our Indian culture future. Come on down for the pow wow dance, music and also enjoy the friendship of the 2012 Soaring Eagle gatherings.

Finally, we feel very good that there is again, at the end of the year, a spirit of harmony and balance. This is a quality that we look and strive toward in the 2012 dance circle.

Soaring Eagle 2012 Workshop schedule:

January 4, 11, 25 all Wednesdays

February 1, 8, 23, 30 all Wednesdays

March 7, 14, 28 all Wednesdays

April 11, 25 all Wednesdays

May 2, 9, 23 all Wednesdays

June 13, Wednesday.

San Diego Unified School District, SDUSD.

Harold J. Ballard Parent Center.

2375 Congress St
San Diego, CA 92110


Holiday Bowl Balloon Parade Wednesday Dec. 28, 2011. Park and assemble at County Health, end of Grape St.: TV and judges in front of SD County Administration.