San Diego Soaring Eagles stories are brought to you by Southern California American Indian Resource, SCAIR.


Soaring Eagles Dance in the Leap Year

By Roy Cook


The primary goal of the Soaring Eagle program is the children. This dance workshops quality is evident in the initiative, joy, pride of tribal identity and participation, from beginning to end, of the parents and children at the Soaring Eagles workshop.


This 29/2/12 Wednesday night most of our positive Soaring Eagle dance workshop elements of support were there for the benefit of the children: Elders, Boom box CDs, dance mentors along with community announcements, food and folks ready to have a good time doing this thing for the children.

SCAIR Senior Advisor Randy Edmonds delivered the blessing for the food and asked for prayers for those whose relatives had passed on and for those in need of compassion and a kind word. For dinner there was enchiladas, rice, beans, green beans, pizza, salad. For dessert homemade chocolate cake.



After the meal the board presented themselves to the Vickie Gambala, Christopher Scott, Vera Tucker, Carla Tourville, Richard Orvedal and Abel Jacome.  They welcomed the new families present.


Chuck Cadotte (dance instructor) took the class back  to the basics powwow 101.  He instructed every category showing the kids dance steps.  It was very nice to see this,seeing older ones mentor the younger ones. Kids were having fun.Old and young enjoyed taking a turn around the middle of the dance floor tonight.  Class was relaxed and enjoyable,even though there was no drum we used a CD player.


Parent and friends participation are very important to the social aspect of the program success. Remember to bring a potluck item or side dish for the Soaring Eagles dance workshop evening feast. It is our Traditional Indian way to practice hospitality and generosity when we invite all to attend an Indian gathering and share the meal with the whole community.

The Indian children are our Soaring Eagle workshop priority and our Indian culture future. Come on down to the Ballard parent center for the pow wow dance, music and also enjoy the friendship of the winter 2012 Soaring Eagle gatherings.

Finally, we feel very good that there is again with this first month of the New Year, a spirit of enthusiasm, harmony and balance. These are qualities that we will look and strive toward in the 2012 pow wow dance circle.


ALSO: March 4,
Women’s Military History Day at Veterans Museum & Memorial Center (VMMC)

10:00 - 12:45 Films on Women’s Service Organizations in US Military

1:00-4:00 Women Veterans Tell Their Own Stories: WWII to OIF/OEF

VMMC- 2115 Park Blvd, Balboa Park

Soaring Eagle 2012 Workshop schedule:

March 7, 14 & 28, all Wednesdays

April 11, 25, all Wednesdays

May 2, 9, 23, all Wednesdays

June 13 on Wednesday.

San Diego Unified School District, SDUSD. Ballard Parent Center.

2375 Congress St. San Diego, CA 92110

MAR 10&11
Cal State Long Beach Pow wow
Upper Campus Quad, CSU Long Beach
Long Beach, Calif.
Contact - Anna Nazarian-Peters (562) 985-8528

March 17

San Diego State Univ.

Annual Pow wow

Head staff: TBA

Fresno State First Nations Powwow
Info: Angie Segura, (559) 307-7865

MAY 12 & 13
19th Annual Chi-Tock-Non Kote-U-Pu Powwow
Mariposa Co. Fairgrounds
Mariposa, Ca
Info: (209) 742-2244