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Soaring Eagle @ SDSU Pow wow

By Roy Cook

The Soaring Eagles look forward to the San Diego State University annual pow wow. As do the: alumni, students, and faculty, staff and pow wow participants from many states and Canada that attend yearly. We hope you enjoy these images of the SDSU annual pow wow and the Soaring Eagles dancing.


The SDSU campus has been a leader in inter-tribal celebrations of dance, music and culture. One of the first faculty to form an American Indian focus at SDSU is Dr. Gwendalle Cooper. She is this years’ SDSU Honoree.


Each year the event has opened with a group reflecting the local Tipai-Kumeyaay song dance tradition. This year the Auka Wildcat singers under the leadership of Jon Meza Cuero sang for the first hour of the culture event.


The American Indian Warrior Association patriotically brought in the Nations and service colors in the spectacular grand entry processional. Head staff, Royalty princesses, dance categories and the ‘Kodak moment’ precious tiny tot dancers.


There is incredible beauty and pageantry on display at the SDSU Powwow and from a current perspective it offers an amazing look back into our nation’s history. Tribal dancers of all ages are dressed in colorful, traditional tribal regalia: feather bustles, deer buckskin, ribbon and beadwork and small metallic cones of the graceful jingle dress dancers.

The weather outside was frightful but inside was most delightful. Four fabulous drums sang excellent songs to move the dancers’ feet and reflect the many tributes and speeches that are special reflections of respect for being selected to a responsible position. It is a part of our Indian way to share our joy and graciously reflect honor bestowed on our family with a giveaway of items.

The Soaring Eagle program is all about the children. This quality and dedication is evident in the initiative, joy, pride of tribal identity and participation from beginning to end of the parents and children that are the Soaring Eagles.

To all our relations, Thank you, Mehan and Aho.