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Soaring Eagles Join Kumeyaay For SDSU Dalai Lama Presentation

By Roy Cook


At the request of the Dalai Lama, April 19, 2012, local tribal Chairmen, singers and the Soaring Eagle children and dancers were at SDSU Viejas arena. Paul ‘Jr’ Cuero blessed the arena in anticipation for the spiritual context and message of the rest of the day. Local Kumeyaay Tukuk ‘Bird’ singers and dancers from the Campo Reservation presented songs and Kumeyaay traditional culture. Additionally the Dali Lama blessed the gourd rattle being used by Paul.

Following the Kumeyaay presentation the Soaring Eagles took the stages for the popular categories of Pow wow dance excitement. All enjoyed the children and adult dancers in beautiful regalia, feathers flying and bells ringing dancing with joy and pride of representing Native American culture.




The Dalai Lama has left San Diego but everyone is welcome to enjoy the Soaring Eagle program. It provides Native American/Alaskan Native, K-12 students with an opportunity to learn traditional dance, regalia and respectful tribal customs. There are many entertaining and healthy activities for all ages and interests to enjoy.

The Soaring Eagle American Indian Children dance program is located in Old Town in the Ballard Parent Center. It serves as the home of San Diego Parent advisory committee. This is where parents learn how to strengthen their parenting skills, become more involved in their children’s education and improve their ability to communicate with their children. For more information please call Vickie Gambala 619-306-7318 or E-mail Thank you, Aho, Mehan.

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  1. Lee Ryan says:

    I attended the Dalai Lama event on Thursday of last week, April 19, 2012 at SDSU, my alma mater, and saw your wonderful Soaring Eagles dancers perform what to me was the most sacred part of the event even though I was deeply impressed by the Dalai Lama’s presentation and holy presence. I have a Micmac heritage that goes back to Colonial New England days and still feel the inspiration of my Micmac ancestors for their advanced knowledge. My great great grandmother was a Medicine Woman and her son my great grandfather, Dr. Leander L. Cliff, a graduate of Harvard Medical School, cured illnesses with her formulas, as did my grandmother, Dr. Frederica L. Cliff. Thank you for all you are doing. Sincerely yours, Lee Ryan